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Age of first masturbation (boys 13-17)


• I was 11 and on my bed, I tried wanking out of curiosity and I reached an orgasm and I thought I was gonna ejaculate (but I couldn’t at that age) (GT, 13yo)

• About 14, before then I didn't think I would be able to because I was circumcised (everyone in the UK is uncut and the foreskin was all that was talked about when people talked about masturbation, so I thought it was something with that). I got home from PE, started running myself a shower, got hard and just kept pumping really hard, not really expecting much to happen. So I was very surprised when it ended up all over my shorts! (GT, 16yo, UK)

• Earlier in the year 15 years of age, I just wanted to start see what i felt like. (GT, 15yo)

• I actually jacked off when I was a toddler but didn’t know what I was doing... the first time I came was around age 10 in 5th grade (GT, 16yo, USA, Kentucky)

• I think the figure is about 95%, they say the other 5% lie about it but there are those that do not masturbate because of religious reasons. (GT, 15yo)


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