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The reality of bisexuality among young teens

Some adolescents come across as very skeptical regarding the reality of bisexuality among young teens and consider that a not insignificant proportion among them declare themselves bisexual so as to follow a fashion and to emulate certain media stars who provocatively promote an image of ambivalence and androgyny. Numerous testimonials attest to this popularity of bisexuality, perhaps even more among girls than among boys.


Is it the new fashion to "swing both ways"? I apologize for my terrible spelling I’m tired (GT, 15yo, UK)


I have noticed that lately, there is this huge trend among ppl that are teens the trend is everyone is now becoming BI I know this psychologist and she said she has noticed the same thing but I am wondering why all the sudden so many people think that they are bi, and are people becoming bi because they want to be more permiscuous (whore, ho, whatnot)and if their bi then they have double opportunity, or because of what. (GT, 16yo)


I think Bisexuality is very popular. It’s common in teen girls around the world. Also i totally think everyone is bisexual, because everyone has feeling for both sexes. But most people don't accept the feelings because of their narrow mindedness (GT, 15yo, UK, Manchester)


I seriously have the impression that there are those who call themselves by just so they can stand out.(SE, 15yo, France, Seine-Saint-Denis)


Nonetheless, many declarations, such as the ones below, show that many boys freely and genuinely define themselves as bisexual, with no connection to any fashion or custom of identification, but not without hiding a certain measure of embarrassment.


I have been thinking about the myth that all bi's are actually gay. This myth is used against bi's by gay's and str8's all the time. But i have realised why they think this. Not that many str8 people would be happy going out with a bi would they? So that means bi's have to turn to the same sex for a relationship. Am i crazy or is this true? (GT, 13yo, UK)


I’m totally bi... 150% sure of it... right now I’m happily with a guy... but i feel desire for guys and girls equally.... (GT, 16yo, USA, Texas)


I prefer both cuddly guys and cuddly girls. I don't like loads of muscle on a guy. Cuteness is better. (GT, 16yo, UK)


Is it just me that's been noticing that EVERYWHERE anyone ever says they're bisexual, people are automatically assuming that they are just saying they are? Some of the comments on here... "Oh look, what a surprise, another bisexual." Ask questions to find out if they really are bisexual or not before making a comment like that. Not everyone is lying. About a year ago when I used to come here, no one ever said anything like that. If you were bisexual or anything else, no one ever questioned it or was rude about it. Granted, there are a lot more people now that say they are bisexual, but give people a chance. Odds are they might not be lying. Yes, I am bisexual. Now if you want to go ahead and question it and be rude about it. Go ahead. It's just sickening. (GT, 14yo, USA, Atlanta)


I like cute skinny emo guys, and cute/hot girls, it’s not hard to like both. (GT, 15yo)


Bisexuality, which on one hand does not seem to be a comfortable situation for teenagers, at the same time almost always appears to be a temporary behavior. Therefore it could be considered a form of group confusion through which navigates large numbers of boys.

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