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Already Experienced with Boys - Testimonials 4

It is easy to understand how it can be difficult to address these anxieties. Nonetheless, other internet users do pay attention to these cries for help, and often volunteer an answer. Among these, there are some who conclude that experimentation and curiosity mask a real tendency towards homosexuality or bisexuality:


Why do so many people on here boast of sexual relationships with people of the same sex, yet claim hat they are definitely straight, and would never be gay, and they only were either playing truth or dare, or drunk? You can’t claim to be just "curious", when you are doing all that stuff (anal, oral, etc). People just say curious so they don't have to admit they are gay or bi. Being drunk or playing truth or dare, dos not change the fact that you did it. People often do things they want to do while sober, when they are drunk! Am I the only one who thinks this?? (GT, 16yo, USA)


Curiosity is not acceptable as sexuality. In my eyes, all of those "curious" teenagers are simply bisexual with their priorities for sex mixed up. (GT, 15yo, UK)


Far more common, however, are those who consider that the youth of the "curious" explains and excuses everything.


Seriously though, at our age, we're curious. I hear from people that around our age, it’s hard to tell what sexuality you are. My theory is that unless you have had sex with another guy, gotten married to another guy, or had thoughts about marrying a guy and living with him forever, you’re not gay. (GT, 13yo, USA)


• Many people call themselves curious and do homosexual actions many times. but there is the few who have never done it and they are curious about their body, development, and what the other person has, its part of the male nature to be competitive and know what other boys have (GT, 16yo) 


Until puberty stops? As long as hormones are fluxating in your body, who knows? (GT, 16yo)


IT depends on when you hit puberty. If the average age is 11--from what I read of these polls, then 13 or 14 should do it and you ought to know what you are. If you hit puberty later, tack on another year or two. I think 16 or so is an upper limit. (GT, 16yo, USA, NJ)


I think over 18 is when it stops being experimenting (GT, 13yo, UK)


• Curiosity does exist - It's a hormone rush that either pumps excessive testosterone into you, making you eager for sexual activity, while also being pumped full of estrogen - making you seem attracted to men. (GT, 15yo, USA)


Until you're finished with puberty, do whatever you want how often you want. (GT, 14yo)


There are also those who take a more nuanced view of these matters, and base their judgment on the nature of the acts; Some are deemed acceptable for straights, while others are held to indicate that the boundary with homosexuality or bisexuality has been crossed. The following posts belong to this group:


When you get into oral sex and anal sex it has officially gone too far- but that's just my opinion. (GT, 16yo, USA, Philadelphia)


There is a big difference if between comparing yours to his and fucking him, or even giving head or a rim job or hand job. There’s a major difference between looking and doing. (GT, 16yo, USA))


Well i think that if u r curious and compare penis size with friends and masturbate with friends but not in a sexual way just for fun then yea curious exists but if you have sex with someone of the same sex then that would make u gay or bi (GT, 15yo, UK, London)

Jerking off together is OK, but if you touch the other guy's penis or anus then you're almost surely gay. (GT, 14 yo, USA, TX)


Sodomy with a friend of the same sex, I've got nothing against gays, but that's gay . . . (GT, 16 yo, USA, CA)


Jerking off is ok, all the rest is shocking. (GT, 15 yo, Northern Ireland)


Another criterion often taken onto account by young internet users, when deciding between experimentation and gay behavior, is the frequency of the acts in question. Almost all boys will agree to accept a solitary departure from the straight norm, but many will condemn any repetition of the activity.


I think if you do something once --or so-- to see what it is like then it is experimenting. If you do it because you like it...over and over again...then I don't think you are experimenting anymore. (GT, 16yo, USA, VA)


I think it all depends on the frequency of it. I mean "experimenting" just a couple times and stopping would be my definition. Doing it religiously or frequently would be more of a habit/sexual preference not merely experimenting. (GT, 16yo, USA, CA)


If you try something once maybe twice then maybe that’s experimenting... By definition experimenting is doing something to find an answer. If you experiment with another guy and the answer is I wanna do that again then it isn’t really experimenting the next time it’s having a gay experience. That doesn’t mean u is Gay forever you may just be going through a phase of exploring your own emotions and sexuality. (GT, 14yo, USA)


I would say the 1st time u do it, its ok 2nd time your heading towards gayness (GT, 14yo, USA)


Yes 1st time is okay but if you like to keep doing it over and over again you might be gay or BI (GT,13yo, USA)


I'm sure many gays have experimented with a few women, just be be sure they're gay, but does that make them straight? No. Also, people say if you do it more than once it’s gay. But in the world of science, experiments are carried out in large figures to make sure the results are right. (GT, 16yo, UK)

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