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The topic of experimentation, both ubiquitous and pressing, does not permit indifference, each one being guided by his own moral judgment. The majority of boys declare themselves as being supportive of such experiences, which they find normal, pleasant, and perhaps even useful. But many declare themselves opposed to, and even shocked by, such practices:


The thing I find weird with Govteen is everyone’s "experimenting" This includes stuff like a guy giving another guy a blow job at 15 YEARS OLD! Please tell me this is not socially acceptable! (GT, 14yo, UK)


I think that it's just wrong. How can you call yourself straight when you've "experimented" with other guys? (GT, 16yo, Australia, Adelaide)


I hate all these websites that say it's just hormones. Honestly, what straight man watches man on man porn. Think about it (GT, 15yo, UK, Brighton)


This is a prime example of how people try to get out of the gay category. They try to say that sucking on another man's penis is "experimenting" which it isn’t, it's curiosity but it IS also a homosexual act. So when you draw the lines between "experimenting" and sucking off a guy, you come to the conclusion that it is a gay act. You can call yourself straight all that you want; I will not buy it at all. If you're straight, then you have sex and "experiment" with a woman, not a guy, it’s that simple. (GT, 15yo, USA)


Even the participants in such acts do not always feel at ease. Some question the morality of their acts, but even more numerous are those who ask themselves if this does not betray a homosexual orientation:


HI, I am 15 years old, and I started puberty nearly 2 years ago. For the past 6 months I have almost been fantasying about a boy at my school, and I find it much quicker to masturbate when I look at pictures of cocks then ladies parts.. I don’t know if that’s just me experimenting or what. Because after I have masturbated, I feel ashamed of myself for masturbating over a man, I hope you can help me out. The thing is, if I am out in the evening, I am only attracted to girls, and not guys, it seems to be when I am on my own, I get aroused by men. Am I gay? (GT, 15yo)


Hey me and my friend Emily we've been friends since we were 5 but sometimes we both get curious about each other then we take off our clothes and show each other. I know it’s wrong to do it but is it okay to be curious? (GT, 13yo)


The other day, me and a few friends got together. We started playing truth or dare, and I was dared to kiss my best friend Dan for five seconds. We accepted the dare and started to kiss. We both kinda flinched at first but then the kiss went from five seconds to ten, from ten to twenty and from twenty to thirty. Finally he started slipping his tongue in, the part with the tongue lasted about 5 seconds. We both have girlfriends, and we know we are straight. So what should I do, a couple of our friends think we are gay now! And my friend and I can’t even look each other in the face. Am I Gay? (GT, 13yo)


Am I gay if I get aroused from gay porn? I really don’t enjoy the emotions that it makes me feel but I get turned on by it better than with girls. I really can’t see myself having sex with a guy though. What is happening????? Am I gay???? (GT, 16yo, USA)


Ok I really fancy this girl, and she fancies me, but we both want to get to know each other more before we do anything. So it’s obvious that I’m not gay but then I have this weird thing about this one guy called Ryan; every time I think about him (sexually) I want to masturbate and for some reason I want to do stuff with him and he’s a boy. If it was any other boy and I would just think yuck!!1 but him I know it’s so confusing. Am I gay or just wtf (I like girls and 1 boy) I mean wtf is wrong with me? (GT, 14yo)


When I masturbate I often think of these to friends of mine, they are both guys, it's usually just them. I'm having sexual fantasies like them blowing me and I cum in their faces and so on. They are both kinda girlish and femi, and pretty "good looking". Now, it has been so for a while now, 2 years or something, but I don't feel gay! When i' having these fantasies, its just fantasies... I can't imagine my self as a boy’s boyfriend, like... showing real love to another guy in a lovish way, if you see what I mean... This is starting to tear me up a bit, because every time I cum I regret it, sometimes I watch gay porn even. But as said, when I cum I regret so fucking much because I think it’s so fucking growse. It isn’t the same when I’m thinking of girls and watching girl-on-girl porn or regular porn... I'm very macho, if I should say it myself, and not a girlie-boy. Not because I’m trying to hide things or so, but that’s just the way i am. I DONT WANT TO BE GAY! (GT, 15yo)


Ok well here’s my problem when I’m jacking off I almost always think of guys, and when I’m horny I sometimes think of guys. Sometimes I even look at naked guys on the internet, but I don’t want to do any of those things I want to stop thinking about naked guys. I still think about girls and would never have sex or anything with a guy. In my future I want to have a wife and children. I am definitely attracted to girls and think of them naked, but a naked guy always pops into my head. Why is this happening to me, and how do I get it to stop? I don’t want to be like this. Please help!!! (GT, 14yo, USA)

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